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Therapeutic kitchen

The therapeutic kitchens allow us to observe the patients, to establish a mobility assessment and to work on functional re-education movements; but also to propose playful re-education and animations in groups.

Make it easier to return home
Make it easier to return home
Group animation
Group animation
Playful rehabilitation
Playful rehabilitation

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Therapeutic kitchens accessible to all

Animated kitchen

AMR CONCEPT offers you animation kitchens adapted to your needs, to create fun and friendly to create fun and friendly spaces where patients and where patients and animators will have the pleasure to meet for culinary activities.

Occupational therapy kitchen

Occupational therapy rehabilitation kitchens are used in hospitals used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other rehabilitation centers. They allow to observe the patient, to establish a mobility assessment and to work on functional functional rehabilitation movements.

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Cooking Therapy Occupational Therapy

AMR Concept offers solutions for interior design adapted to people with disabilities, with reduced mobility (PRM) and senior, since 2010. This offer is addressed to individuals but also to professionals. Professional establishments such as hospitals and specialized centers will be able to adapt their PRM and disabled furniture to their activity. Thus, the persons accompanying the patients will be able to accompany them but also to let them evolve in autonomy in full safety with adapted furniture for senior and handicapped.
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